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Some different questions for beginner

treudoof wrote on 2013-05-20:
Hello together,

last time we are using lot of own libs for creating pdfs. Now we found that api. First look was good and now playing around with it.. i found some problems. Maybe it is not flexible enough, or i just dont know how to get it work, or i missunderstood some things. Therefore here some questions:

a) Ist it possible to define a background image per page? (Perfect would be different ones for the first and following pages?) I tried with css print and @page and @page :first and set there background-image as absolute url, but didnt work.

b) can i ignore the page margins in the api call and use instead the @page css definition? Because of the same reason, i want differnet page margins on first and following sides.

c) if b) is not possible, how can for e.g. a "regular" letter defined. On first page, you have the logo, and below the sender, and the recipient and then the text starts.. until 3--4-5-6 pages. I would do the logo as header.. shall the sender and recipient also be done as header?

d) Is there a possibility to create folding marks on each page?

I think that was it for now :) Would be nice if anyone have some answers for me.

Regards and thank you.
support wrote on 2013-05-23:

Unfortunately, the answer to a) and b) is negative as the API does not support the @page css rule. Folding marks are not supported either.

In general, currently it is not possible to use different settings for the first and the following pages.

As far as c) is concerned, it is hard to advise without knowing more details. If you can post here an example of the desired layout we can look into if and how it could be achieved.