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Help to create a URL, pls!

p33r wrote on 2013-05-18:
I want in my newsletter people by clicking on a link, be able to download the lattest pdf version of a post, is it possible?
support wrote on 2013-05-20:

You can try out the Save to PDF Link.
p33r wrote on 2013-05-20:
But this URL converts the containing page to PDF, I want to convert another URL!
support wrote on 2013-05-20:
OK, I understand now.

This could be possible but it would require to write a simple server side application which uses our HTML to PDF API.

The links in the newsletter would point to your application. Each link would encode an identification of the associated post (e.g. post ID) so that the application could construct the post URL. When someone clicks a link, your application would call our API, pass it the URL and return the generated PDF.