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spry tabs and Save Your Site to PDF

othoap wrote on 2013-04-18:
First I love "Save Your Site to PDF service!!"

My site has 3 spry tabs on a page. I set up my "PDF" page button using - button. Because I want to use my print.css styles to format the PDF.

It only makes a PDF of the first tab (very well I mite add). but not the other 2 tabs contents. Just to be clear I click on # 2 tab and then click my "PDF" and it displays only tab # 1s content.

is this posible to:
1. conver the other tabs to PDF?
2. Have all 3 tab contents on PDF?

thanks for any help
support wrote on 2013-04-19:

The service does not support dynamic content in PDF. It is not possible to create a PDF where clicking the tab headers would allow switching between the tabs.

The only option to get all 3 tabs printed to PDF is to design your stylesheet to display them statically below each other.