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Timeout error

lime5 wrote on 2013-04-11:
I receive the timeout error on this url:

this is the response:
Fatal error: Uncaught [510] Timed out. Can't load the specified URL.

  thrown in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 449

I know that the time limit is 40 seconds, so i already tried to reduce large images.
Can you please tell me what is the resource that causes the timeout?
support wrote on 2013-04-11:

Here is the list of resources that failed to load:
lime5 wrote on 2013-04-11:
All these resources are very small, and there are no problem in path or permissions.
Why aren't loaded?
support wrote on 2013-04-11:
According to our records, the converter managed to establish a connection but did not receive a complete response. We don't know more details, sorry.

In this case it seems that the resource size is not the cause. Is the error intermittent or constant? Can you check your server log if there isn't anything suspicious related to the resources?

Please feel free to post here a link to your HTML document - we will take a look at it.