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How to hide link URLs using no-print

ginto wrote on 2013-03-30:
This may seem a strange question, and I have searched but cannot find the answer. I want to do this entirely in CSS if possible.

Preferred: I would be happy to use the no-print css style with the HTML options checkbox "Use the print version of the page if available" selected, BUT.... If I do this, every web link in the PDF shows as e.g. "Fred (../../test/fred.html)" for local links (similar shown for hard coded URLs), i.e. the link is displayed in brackets after the linked item. The link is still active (great!) even though not apparent visually.

I *do* want the link to be active and with the option of formatting (e.g. with colour or underline) as a link, but I just do not want the actual URL to show in the above manner, I would like that hidden. How can I do that?

Alternative: If I create the PDF without the above checkbox selected things are mostly OK, but I would like to be able to define a special style that allows elements to be hidden but ONLY when using your PDF creation tool. Maybe you have a special media query element. Would that or is that possible?

Thanks for any help!
support wrote on 2013-04-01:

Please post here a link to your HTML document and we will look into what can be done about it.