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what if we are using Special font

bard wrote on 2013-03-29:

We have 1 or many special fonts in our document and are in about 5~20 MBs.(Chinese font)
We have tested that it is working if we have only 5 mb font size
There are 2 questions we are curious:
1. is there a limitation of data transfer?
2. if so, any ideas to solve our problem?
support wrote on 2013-04-01:

What error message are you getting?
There is no limit on data transfer but the service limits the time needed to create PDF. If it exceeds 40 seconds the API request is aborted.
In your case, it is possible that the downloading of the large font files takes too long and causes the error.
bard wrote on 2013-04-01:

It was returning 500 error which I couldn't find answer from document.
And we just have tested in different ways 10 mins ago.
it's weird that seems it works now, but is unstable:
I. 3 chinese fonts which are 20mb, 15mb, 5mb in a document ==> pass
II. 2 chinese font which is 20mb==> pass
III. 1 chinese font which is 5mb==> fail (Pdfcrowd Error: [510] Sorry, we can't process your request)

It's weird those 3 fonts are .TTF x2 and .OTF x1, it works when 3 of it in a generation, also is working in .TTF x1 and .OTF x1, but not working in when only a .OTF font.(we have tried this 3 times fail)

Also, we found and have tested this web page:
this page is with the same chinese font that we got fail, but it works!!! it generates sucess!

Anyway, this is the code about the fail font that we used in the fail test:
@font-face {
    font-family: "AdobeFanHeitiStd-Bold";
     src: url(AdobeFanHeitiStd-Bold.otf);

Please help, we are going to build a paid download service, we structure users datas and users get download permit once they have paid, this is important that the payment mathod we are going to use is by mobile phone, which means if a paid user get nothing or error, we will got money loss from the telephone service share.

More, my engineer asks if it is possible we can have chinese font file stored in your server? this does help our server get much lower data transfer, we will have only 4 files when our service gets online. Is it possible in your pay service?
support wrote on 2013-04-02:
Please post here a link to the HTML document that gives the error and we will look into what can be done about it.

Regarding storing the font on our server, I'm afraid this is not possible due to licensing issues.
bard wrote on 2013-04-02:
Here is all the html documents

I. 20MB .TTF font pass

II. 15MB .TTF font pass

III. 5MB font fail which is with an .OTF font
(The style of the links above are all correct, we just have replaced the right bg pic to avoid the content.)

Sorry I have a wrong description in last post, each of test linking is only with 1 chinese font.
support wrote on 2013-04-05:
The 5MB font font is an OpenType font with PostScript outlines. Support for this OpenType flavor is limited and it is why the service returns the 502 error.

At this moment, we are not able to say when (and if ever) we implement full support for PostScript outlines.
bard wrote on 2013-04-06:
Thanks for the reply.
It's an adobe font. I think it is something valuable to support for the pdf.
Anyway, It won't be the an big issue for our service this time.