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css media print not working

Seamless wrote on 2013-03-25:
Hi,recently, I use pdfcrowd to create pdf file, but I come accross a problem , I use use_print_media=1 to call the css media print , but some css work , however some does not take effects.How i resolve the problem? or how to be sure the reason, is it the reason of the pdfcrowd? or my program reason?

When the page loaded finished ,the footer hide and clickbutton display, after click the button ,I should let the footer display and these buttons hide, but the result is the these buttons hide, however the footer does not display.I do not know how to check the reason, So trouble you.

support wrote on 2013-03-25:

Try print preview in your browser, it should render your HTML document using the print media rule.
Feel free to post here a link to your HTML document and we will take a look at it.
Seamless wrote on 2013-03-26:
Thanks for your taking care, I try it as your suggestion , print preview in the browser, it does not work well , it is the same as clicking the pdf button, this is the link:

you can take a look at it.


support wrote on 2013-03-26:

Unless I'm missing something the generated PDF looks good to me.
If there is still a problem please could you pinpoint what exactly the problem is?