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Example of URL that does not convert properly

dlewicki wrote on 2010-10-15:
I found this while using the api but the error comes up just doing the conversion on the main web page:

The downloaded pdf says "Insufficient data for an image" in Reader 9 and other versions of reader & acrobat give similar errors...
support wrote on 2010-10-15:
Thanks for the report. We will look into it.
support wrote on 2010-10-15:
Quick update: It seems that the source image is corrupt. When we run jpeginfo against it we get the following warning:

$ jpeginfo -c 1051 x 714  24bit Exif  N  283920  Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment  [WARNING]

We insert jpeg images into pdfs unaltered and it seems that acrobat, unlike other software, can't handle this one.

Are you able to fix the image?
support wrote on 2010-10-21:
It should be fixed now. Can you check please?