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Multiple pages PDF with convertURI function

vinayc wrote on 2013-03-07:

I need to purchase this API . But I need an option to generate multiple pages pdf, where i can specify the content of first page and second page and so on.

If the option is available, can you send me any example or reference function name ?

Thanks in advance.
support wrote on 2013-03-08:

If you mean converting multiple web pages to a single PDF then there is not direct support for this in the API.

An option is to convert each page separately and then join the PDFs on your end. We can recommend pdftk which is a free tool available here:
cmonie wrote on 2013-04-10:
I have a single html file that I want to convert to a single PDF file with multiple pages, how fo I do that with PDFCrowd?
support wrote on 2013-04-10:

Our software will automatically paginate the html file. If you want to force a page break at the specified position in the file you can use the following:
<div style="page-break-after:always"></div>