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Conversion Response Time

jsweeter wrote on 2010-09-22:
I'm testing your solution. Quite nce except that apparently conversion response time from the website et much faster than conversion response time from the API.
Could you tell me why?
Thank you!
support wrote on 2010-09-22:
The response times should be roughly the same. To help us to track the problem down, please post the following information:

Which API library do you use?
Which API method do you use?
How much the response times differ?
What is the size of the resulting PDFs?

Plus any other information that you think could help us.

Btw, there is quite significant packet loss on the route between you and us. That could be a factor as well. We have emailed you the details.
jsweeter wrote on 2010-09-27:
Thank you very much. It was a temporary routing issue.