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Page break with API

benjam wrote on 2013-01-16:
I've tested various methods to get pdfcrowd to make a page break. With no success so far.

Page break works on my page with printing though but not with pdfcrowd.

The code works on your web interface but not trough the API.

Many thanks.
support wrote on 2013-01-16:, mentioned in the other post, contains the following:
<style> { page-break-after: always; }

and then
<div id="stacks_out_721_page0" class="stacks_out">
  <div id="stacks_in_721_page0" class="stacks_in">
    <p class="page"></p>

The API fails to insert a page break after the <p> element. Most likely the reason is the style set on the parent <div> elements.

The simplest way to resolve this is to remove both the "stacks_out_721_page0" "stacks_in_721_page0" <div> elements, i.e replace the code above with just the following:
<p class="page"></p>

Hope this helps.