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Export HTML to PDF usng API in .net

sudhirthanki wrote on 2012-12-27:

I am evaluating the trial version of PdfCrowd export HTML to PDF using .net API in library.

I found that it is a great tool for converting html string to pdf. but same time, missing some functionality which i really need for my project.

I have developed my webapplication in which store document content in html format including images, inline styles, bookmarks etc and i want that my users can export those contents into PDF.

I want to know following things:

1. When i host my website on web server, and if html content contains absolute path of an image and my website is protected using windows authentication, then the images are not displayed in PDF. basically, it requires authentication for accessing that absolute url for images or styles, while the user is already authenticated.
So can you tell me how to achieve this?

2. I have an html content with Table of Contents with inline link in document itself. It is working fine when i test it from my development machine, but when i publish it on webserver, the links are not working. I want that my users can navigate to specific chapter or topics in the PDF document by clicking on table of content item.
How to achieve this?

I have attached sample project and sample html which can be use ful for you to understand it better.
support wrote on 2012-12-28:
1/ The service does not support this kind of authentication. The solution for this is to serve static assets (style sheets, images, javascript, ..) from a public host.

2/ That's strange, is there any significant difference between the two environments? Please send us both PDFs to and we will look into it.
sudhirthanki wrote on 2012-12-31:

It was my bad, as i need to enable "show as hand" option in my PDF Reader tool. Its working perfectly!!!

Thank you.