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Generic Error when converting my web page to PDF

fesmaeili wrote on 2012-11-26:
Convert to PDF fails with bellow error:
{510 - Cannot resolve hostname (louapp38) http://louapp38/ISV/TBFRASR/iFrames/GrowthReadyMainForm.aspx?&type=10062&typename=custom_growthreadystagingreport&id={74B2CE80-E637-E211-9C6B-005056B3007E}&orgname=FOXDevEnv&userlcid=1033&orglcid=1033}

Any help is appreciated,
Fred Esmaeili
support wrote on 2012-11-27:
Hi Fred,

this message says that our service can't resolve "louapp38" to an IP address. "louapp38" is a local hostname that can't be resolved from outside of your network. Your application must run on a public host that is accessible on the Internet.
fesmaeili wrote on 2012-11-27:
Thanks for reply.

I kind of guessed this, but was hopping there would be a work around it. This is an internal and secured web server and cannot be public.

Any other options that I can employ to fulfill my need?

Thanks again,
support wrote on 2012-11-28:
Hi Fred,

there are these two options:

1/ You can make your local host public. The idea is described in this post. There is a couple of services offering such functionality.

2/ Instead of passing a URL to the API you can upload your HTML code with the convertHtml() function.
imr_kom wrote on 2014-08-22:
Please resolve this