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custom page dimensions - weird chopped off output?

asaaki wrote on 2012-11-18:
I have a serious problem.
I specify my own page width and height.
The final PDF that's output has the correct and width and height.

But the content is broken.
For some reason it breaks the content around halfway down the page and continues the rest of the content on the next page.

For example, if I specify a page to have a height of 55mm, then the output PDF does indeed have 55mm, but the content itself doesn't remain with in the 55mm. Instead, the PDF discontinues the content about half way through the page, leaving a huge white gap in the bottom half, and it continues the rest of the content on the next page. Even though there was plenty of space for the content to fit on the single page.

What's wrong? Is there a fix? Urgent! I think there's something wrong with my CSS. I faced a similar problem in WKHTMLTOPDF.
support wrote on 2012-11-18:
Please post here a link to your HTML document and we will look into it.