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How Complex is the API?

iFormation wrote on 2012-10-22:

I do not have API design experience but am wondering if the existing API is simple enough that I can just pass the HTML file to the API and receive the PDF file back? I cannot have users trying to send the file so I need to automate the process. Can this be done?


support wrote on 2012-10-23:

yes, it could be as simple as that, especially if you use one of our API client libraries. Which programming language do you use?
iFormation wrote on 2012-10-23:
Thanks for the quick response. I program in Business Basic (ancient as it is) and use a lot of DOS command line calls, but my nephew codes in C++. Is this a critical factor in accessing and using the API?
support wrote on 2012-10-24:
We provide API client libraries for popular programming languages. With an API client library, converting an HTML file to PDF is a simple matter of three lines of code. Without a client library, integration requires more effort.

Since you mentioned C++, we do not have a client library for this language, but here is a simple application that gives an idea how to use the API from C: