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OCRa Font

GDS wrote on 2012-10-04:
We may be doing this wrong, so please let me know what we are missing. We need to use the IDAUTOMATION OCRa font. We purchased and installed it on both our website server and on the development PC. We selected the font with the coding as follows:

<td class="top1_2" align="left" style="font-family:IDAutomationOCRa;font-size: 11pt;" width="56%"><%=str_OCR%></td>

It renders fine on the HTML screen, but when we open PDFCROWD link, it does not render as OCR.

Not sure what else would be needed in the CSS. What are we missing?? Need specifics, as we are not techies, just coders.

support wrote on 2012-10-04: