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PDF causes IE to crash | output grey

joerg wrote on 2012-09-01:
Hi guys,
I have a serious problem with pdfcrowd in our portal. We open the pdfcrowd pdfs in a new window.
In firefox and for many users in IE and other browsers, it is just working fine but there are also quiet many users who try to open the pdfs in IE and the content remains grey (see attachement) and it causes the browser to slow down and crash afterwards so that the user has to restart IE again.
You can imagine that this is really annoying to the customers and I hope that someone has a solution for it.
Thank you,

IE Version 9.0.8112 (German)
Windows Vista with 4GB RAM
support wrote on 2012-09-01:

Please post the URL that causes the error (or send it to We will look into it.