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Max number of pages allowable by pdfcrowd?

kreut wrote on 2012-08-30:

I signed up for this service several months ago and seem to remember that there was a limit to the number of pages that could be rendered:

"The average pages per rendering shall not exceed 10 pages. The default maximum nr of pages is 25."

I can't seem to find this blurb on the current incarnation of the site. Has this limit been removed? And, if not, can you please tell me where to find this link?

Thank you,

support wrote on 2012-08-30:

there never was a limit of 25 pages per rendering, the number of pages is unlimited.

The max PDF size is limited to 100MB. More info regarding the API limitations can be found at
kreut wrote on 2012-08-30:
Thanks so much! I'm sorry for the confusion. :)