Important: This document is for the beta version of the new Pdfcrowd API. Use this documentation for the stable API version.

Conversion API [Beta]

This API is a new generation of our conversion API which brings many improvements over the current functionality. It is feature complete and is suitable for limited production use cases. We appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

The beta is open to all Pdfcrowd users for free.

Please refer here for the current stable API version.


What's new

  • The API implements the latest HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript specifications.
  • We added new converters that can convert between HTML, PDF and various image formats.
  • The API is highly available with automatic capacity scaling. It is hosted in the Google Cloud Platform.
  • New HTML to PDF features:
    • Linearized PDFs for fast web view.
    • Post-load DOM manipulation via custom JavaScript (remove, add and modify elements).
    • A new option to specify a delay to wait before printing if the page loads dynamic contents.
    • A new option to send session specific information via cookies.
    • A new option to print only a part of HTML content.
    • Multi-page watermarks and backgrounds to allow filling in scanned PDF forms.
    • Detailed conversion logs that can help with troubleshooting.
    • Intuitive HTML zoom.
  • The API solves many issues with the current HTML to PDF converter:
    • Modern JavaScript charting libraries (Google Charts, Highcharts, etc.)
    • Improved remote font support (Google Fonts, Typekit, etc.)
    • CJK languages and complex scripts (Arabic alphabet, Brahmic scripts).
    • Repeating <thead>, paletted PNG, inline SVG and many more.

Beta FAQ

Why should I try out the new API?

The new API is based on the latest web technologies and solves many issues with the current converter. We definitely encourage you to give the new API a try.

Can I use both the current and the new APIs (beta) side-by-side?

Yes, you can. Our latest API client libraries support both the current and the new APIs.

My application uses the current API. Should I switch to the new API?

Yes, we recommend that you switch to the new API. The new API introduces minor backward incompatible changes but the migration from the current API should be straightforward. Just upgrade your API client library to the latest version and follow the new documentation.

You can use both API implementations side-by-side and switch between them as you need.

What will happen when the new API comes out of beta?

The current API will stay available for current accounts but it will no longer receive any updates and we will provide support for critical issues only.

Do the other Pdfcrowd services use the new API?

At this moment, the new functionality is available through the API (beta), the online conversion form and the browser add-on and the Save to PDF Link.

API Client Libraries

The API client libraries lets you easily implement the Pdfcrowd API in your favorite programming language. The individual client libraries support both the beta and the stable version of the API.

Python Node.js Ruby
Command Line Tools